7 Most Common Causes of Skin Damage

A lot of us want to be flawless skin. But, the reality is that perfection is tough to achieve in skincare. Skin is susceptible and vulnerable to many various risks. If you're not vigilant, There are a variety of ways to cause permanent damage to your skin.

It is difficult to repair if your skin has been damaged. You'll have to undergo various cosmetic procedures to restore your original appearance. Instead of going through this kind of experience, it is better to understand the most common causes of skin damage and stay clear of certain activities that can cause harm to your skin.

If you're interested in protecting your skin that improving your health, keep an eye out for these seven common causes of skin injury:

Cause #1: Sunlight Exposure

In terms of the typical reasons for skin damage, sun exposure is the most significant cause. Although you would like to enjoy the outdoors and soak up the sun's calming rays, you should be aware of overexposure. The sun's UV radiation is harmful. Rays that destroy collagen and elastin. These are the two components responsible for young skin.

Excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to the skin developing premature wrinkles and make you appear older than you are. Do you ever wonder why you acquire an edgy look when it is time to expose yourself to the sun for long periods? It is because UV rays also damage melanocytes, responsible for the skin's pigmentation. To guard your skin against the effects of these damages, it is advised to apply sunscreen before leaving the house on a bright day.

Cause #2: Smoking Cigarettes

Did you know smoking causes damage to the skin? Smoking causes blood vessels to shrink. When blood vessels are narrow, it is harder for nutrients to circulate through your body. If you smoke often, you will need more nutrients to distribute into your skin. The skin's elasticity decreases, and it begins to wrinkle.

Smoking cigarettes also has several other adverse impacts on your health. Smokers can suffer from dry skin, ulcers, or even eerie grey-coloured skin. Tobacco must be removed from your routine if you're determined to protect your skin.

Cause #3: Lack of Sleep

It is possible that you need more rest due to a variety of motives. It could be due to a work schedule that keeps you awake late at night, a night that lasts over the regular hours, or an examination that requires you to study for a long time. A myriad of issues keeps you from achieving the recommended 8 hours of sleep per evening.

Sleep deprivation causes the skin to dry out and appear aged and damaged. Dark circles around the eyes can also be a sign of inadequate sleep. In certain instances, there are also breakouts of the skin. There are numerous cosmetic treatments to improve the condition of your skin. However, nothing can be more effective than a restful night's rest.

Cause #4: Stress